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Kay. 18. Mean Black and Pretty.



It would be nice if prankers who go around harassing black people in the ‘hood’ were given the same treatment as Sam Pepper.

exactly. I’ve yet to see a high profile YouTuber call any of these “pranksters” out, or any of the “comedians” who see no problem doing blackface in their videos and saying disgusting things about black women and their bodies. What you’re silent on says more than what you speak up for. 

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the point IS that it’s not a battle of what’s worse racism or sexual assault, but the fact that these youtubers never speak up when their racist ass friends are doing black face or making up “ghetto” characters for laughs.

Because this doesn’t impact them, they don’t have to deal with racism and choose to ignore it, but then if an issue might play a role in their lives, like sexual harassment, THEN they’ll say something

That’s the point.

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